Environmental Media Fund has ceased operations and is no longer accepting applications for assistance.

It has been our privilege to serve the film making community for the past 12 years.



EMF is focused on assisting documentary film projects for broad public distribution * (theatrical, semi-theatrical, television, cable, satellite, Internet) about the environment, human health, social justice, cultural change and other issues of significant public interest.  We work primarily with nonprofit filmmaking entities and independent filmmakers fiscally sponsored by nonprofits.

We believe that documentary media, when properly aligned with coordinated outreach, is one of the most effective methods available to bring important issues to the public’s attention and affect social change. Media and culture have become essentially inseparable. Our strategic approach involves viewing media projects as a suite of inter-related components. We see successful media projects as having three parts:


Film and video are the vehicles that bring issues to the public’s attention. Their primary purpose is to move people to want to know more. It's not what people leave the theater thinking so much as what they leave the theater feeling, because feelings can drive them to take action. A great film is the starting point for a successful outcome.


The Internet has become the primary source of in-depth information about everything. Web sites provide ideal places for individuals to investigate issues and link to organizations working for change. All EMF projects must have a professionally designed, interactive web site that enables social networking features.


Individuals and organizations need specific actions they can take to get involved in a meaningful way so they don’t feel overwhelmed and powerless in the face of global challenges. This might include downloading consumer purchasing guides so they can begin to “vote with their dollars,” offering petitions or letters they can send electronically to their elected representatives, or opportunities to volunteer or otherwise get directly involved in a grassroots activities where they live. Simple action items are essential for every successful social change campaign.


Please note that EMF invites collaboration with donors and donor advisors, foundations, NGOs, investors and entities with or seeking fiscal sponsorship to achieve our common goals. Please see our 
Selection Criteria.

We do not assist with other forms of media (print, publishing, radio, music, books, story ideas), other types of environmental efforts (NGO fund raising or organization specific media), either for profit or nonprofit business startups, green inventions or consumer products, educational classes, film festivals, other NGO efforts, or projects that are strictly commercial in nature (e.g. not primarily charitable, educational or scientific).  We do not fund general support, purchases of equipment or facilities or other assets.  We are precluded by law from assisting proposals espousing political or religious points of view.  We are not generally supporters of feature films or other fictional projects unless they have clearly defined public benefits and outcomes.

Due to limited resources EMF does not accept requests for assistance for projects produced outside the United States.

* "broad public distribution" is defined as a national broadcast or release, and generally does not include local PBS station showings or single "four wall" theatrical showings.
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