Environmental Media Fund has ceased operations and is no longer accepting applications for assistance.

It has been our privilege to serve the film making community for the past 12 years.

Letter of Inquiry: Before a formal request is made for a grant, technical assistance or fiscal sponsorship of a project, a brief letter of inquiry is advisable to determine whether the Fund’s present interests and funding sources permit consideration of the request.

LOI / Proposal Template: In order to better understand your proposal EMF has developed an outline of topics that should be addressed in a submission. Please see our Application Template.

Generally, the letter should include:
  • The goals and objectives of the project for which funds are being requested;
  • A brief summary of the proposed project;
  • Problems and issues the proposed project will address;
  • The demonstrated need for the project;
  • Background information about the organization or individuals producing the project;
  • Estimated overall budget amount and timeline for the project;
  • The audience served or targeted by the project;
  • The anticipated outcomes of the project;

Applicants should have clarified the themes, scope of issues, and intellectual goals that the project will explore, and made preliminary decisions about the format, program structure and storyline. Whenever possible, they should also have obtained commitments from the media professionals who will guide the project, especially the writer, director and producer. If the proposal includes educational components, the participants and organizations involved should be in place prior to submittal.

After receiving and reviewing the Letter of Inquiry, the Fund may ask the grant seeker to submit a formal proposal.  Applicants may expect to receive an indication of whether their initial proposal is within the Fund’s program interests and budget limitations within six weeks of receipt by EMF. 

In some instances, the Fund may require the grantee to match the Fund’s grant with funds from other sources.
Prior to preparing a formal application: Applicants are encouraged to contact EMF to obtain:
  • General advice about preparing the proposal.
  • Samples of funded applications and lists of recently funded projects.
  • A preliminary review of the proposal draft (a preliminary review is not part of the formal process and has no bearing on the final outcome of the proposal).
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