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12/15/06   EMF concludes its study of funding methods, The Documentary Project.  EMF began the Documentary Project in 2004.   Its goal was to study existing methods of financing and distributing independently produced documentary films and other factual programming to develop new funding models and methods that would better serve the needs of the industry. This led to investigations into financing methods, mutual fund structures and donor advised funds, among others.  As a result of this study, EMF has agreed to support an Internet based networking approach.  And specifically, an open platform developed by The doGoodr Fund.  And to implement that as EMF's Media Market offering.

9/1/06      EMF showcases South Central Farm - by Echo Mountain Productions

8/1/06      EMF provides consulting services to Specialty Studios and filmmaker James Wook for his feature documentary, Crude Impact - the story of how our oil-driven lifestyles are bringing about global destruction and climate change.

7/15/06    EMF offers advisory services to producer Kay Milam's The Butterfly Trees - documenting the relationshop between Central American ecosystems and the migration of the Monarch butterfly.

7/1/06      EMF provides technical assistance and consulting services to Bon Appetit Management Company Foundation for their Java Jolt educational project - a national educational program to raise consumer awareness about the ethical, social, cultural and environmental issues involved in the growing and purchasing of coffee.

6/30/06    Counting Sheep wins two regional Emmy Awards for "Best Documentary" and "Best Camerawork." Counting Sheep was produced by Green.TV and sponsored by EMF.

6/23/06    Habitat Media's Marine Fisheries Activities Guide and Teaching Pack goes live at PBS. The Teaching Pack was supported and funded, in part, by EMF through its network of donors.

6/19/06    Natural Heroes wins a National Telly Award for the second year in a row. The winning episode, Saving Our Oceans, was produced by Habitat Media and funded, in part, by Environmental Media Fund.

5/25/06    EMF provides ongoing advisory services to filmmakers Chris Philipp / Bo Boudart Productions for their new documentary and educational outreach project, Power Paths. Power Paths examines visionary initiatives by the Native American community to provide sustainable energy sources to our nation.

5/18/06    Bob Silvestri delivers the keynote speech at the 29th Annual International Wildlife Film Festival's Tarkio Retreat.

4/24/06    EMF showcases Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea, by director / producers Chris Metzler and Jeff Springer.

4/15/06    EMF provides project development consulting to producer/director David Novack for his television documentary, American Coal.

4/6/06     EMF assists the Media & Policy Center Foundation and Wiland-Bell Productions with their latest PBS four part series, Edens Lost & Found.

3/1/06     EMF continues providing technical assistance and story development consulting to Earthviews Productions for their documentary special on the plight of killer whales.

2/15/06    EMF assists producer Gail Ablow in identifying funders for Turning A Red State Green, a PBS NOW series presentation dealing with wilderness preservation issues in the state of Idaho.

1/30/06    EMF sets the tone of the IWFF Tarkio Retreat for 2006, collaborating with Peter Broderick of Next Wave Films, writer director Judy Irving (The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill) and producer Phil Fairclough Grizzly Man).


12/31/05  EMF assisted over 30 media projects and events in 2005. Please see out list of accomplishments.

11/15/05  EMF offers project development and technical assistance to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for their public television special about their groundbreaking Line Islands expedition discoveries.

11/2/05   EMF begins is funding campaign for the 2006 season of the Natural Heroes national public television series for KRCB TV.

11/1/05   EMF begins preliminary discussions with the BBC about a UK co-production of The Rising Sea.

10/15/05  Bob Silvestri, President of EMF, is asked to be be keynote speaker at the 2006 Intenational Wildlife Film Festival - Tarkio Retreat in Missoula, MT.

10/1/05   EMF begins its fundraising drive for the Human World Initiative international radio series by Earth & Sky radio.

9/15/05   EMF and Specialty Studios begin preliminary discussions on a future working relationship to assist independent filmmakers with DVD publishing and ancillary distribution.

8/31/05   EMF assists Bon Appetit Management Company by arranging for the use of Free Range Graphics' flash media video, Store Wars, in Bon Appetit's "Eat Local Challenge" campaign.

8/25/05  Bob Silvestri, President of EMF, joins the Advisory Board of the International Wildlife Film Center, home of the International Wildlife Film Festival and the Montana Cine Film Festival in Missoula, Montana.

8/15/05  Ted Savetnick, CPA, joins EMF's Advisory Board offering pro bono accounting and tax services

7/1/05    EMF begins offering consulting and technical assistance to Earth & Sky, for their new internationally broadcast radio series, Human World.

6/23/05  EMF collaborates with Thomas Lucas Productions, NASA, the National Center For Supercomputing Applications, and Scripps Institution Of Oceanography on the HDTV special presentation, The Rising Sea.

5/26/05  EMF begins providing project development assistance to filmmaker Patrick Rouxel for the follow-up to his award-winning films, Tears of Wood and Losing Tomorrow.

5/10/05   Bob Silvestri, President of EMF, joins the Advisory Board of Filmmakers For Conservation, and international conservation organization for the film and television industry.

5/15/05  The Dynamic Earth Project receives its first funding commitment from NASA for project development and preliminary image compilation for the Sphere Of Life.

4/25/05  Bob Silvestri, President of EMF, appears as a guest panelist at the International Wildlife Film Festival, on May 5th and May 6th. The panels include "Navigating The Waters: Part 2 - Partnerships & Co-Productions: Recipe For Success?" and "Losing Ground? The Future of Wildlife & Environmental Film."

4/15/05  EMF arranges key financing for the Sea Is Our Sanctuary grassroots educational project, to be conducted throughtout the Hawaiian Islands in an effort to insure full protection for the Northwest Hawaiian Islands Reserve.

4/1/05   Farming the Seas is nominated for an Emmy in the documentary category by the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

3/28/05  EMF provides consulting and advisory services to For Love Of Place, a public television documentary about the historic struggle to save the Marin Headlands and the Pt. Reyes National Seashore, in northern California, from development. Produced by award winning writer/director Nancy Kelly and KRCB Television.

3/15/05  EMF completes its funding campaign for the Marin Environmental Film Festival, a project of the Environmental Forum Of Marin -- a collaborative event that is seeking to stimulate student, community and business participation in environmental solutions through educational programs. Participating organizations include GreenMuseum, The Marin Conservation League, Environmental Education Council of Marin, University of California Cooperative Extension of Marin, the Sustainable Business Project, the Marin Green Business Program, the California Film Institute and others.

3/2/05   EMF provides funding assistance to GreenTV.org, for Counting Sheep - Restoring the Sierra Nevada Bighorn. This award winning documentary will be aired as the premiere episode of KQED's new public television series, Truly CA:Our State, Our Stories.

2/15/05  EMF provides consulting and advisory services to Piciawich - Fixing The World, a public television documentary and educational outreach project about the controversies surrounding the management and fate of the Klamath River ecosystem. Produced by writer Stephen Most (Oil On Ice) and directed by Carlos Bolado (Promises, and editor of Like Water For Chocolate).

2/9/05   The Natural Heroes television series wins the 2005 Telly Award for the Nature/Wildlife films category, submitting The Last Stand: Heroes At Ballona Wetlands. This is a double win for EMF sponsored projects.

1/26/05   EMF provides grantwriting and advisory assistance to GreenFire Productions for the "Common Ground" Oregon Oceans Outreach Campaign, in association with Oregon Oceans.

1/10/05   EMF issues RFP for Home Sweet Home.

1/3/05     EMF and The Center for Environmental Filmmaking at American University co-sponsor The Documentary Project - a comprehensive study of the feasibility of a sustainable method of funding and distributing documentary films and fact based programming.

12/31/04  The Last Stand: Heroes At Ballona Wetlands wins the ION Short Film Festival's "Documentary of the Year" award.

12/3/04    EMF offers free consulting services to the 
International Society for Ecology & Culture.

11/23/04  EMF begins providing funding assistance and consulting services to the Environmental Forum of Marin's 2005 Marin Environmental Film Festival.

11/17/04   EMF offers free consulting advisory services to the Filmmakers Collaborative for their multipart environmental education series, How On Earth, a study of the restoration ecology movement in the United States.

11/10/04  EMF begins strategic discussions with Shifting Baselines and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography on future public awareness campaigns on ocean environmental issues.

10/25/04  EMF works with Surfrider Foundation to make The Last Stand:Heroes At Ballona Wetlands a component of the Respect The Beach teaching program throughout coastal California. Copies of The Last Stand were made possible by a grant from the Project AWARE Foundation.

10/15/04   EMF offers its support and advisory services to the Stewards Of The Environment video project.

9/8/04     Bob Silvestri, Executive Director of Environmental Media Fund, joins the Advisory Board of the Marin Environmental Film Festival. EMF is designated as a Founding Sponsor in recognition of its long-standing support of the Festival.

9/2/04     EMF announces the Ocean Education Project - a public education campaign supporting the creation of marine reserves to save our oceans.

9/1/04     EMF begins providing funding assistance and consulting to PBS affiliate station, KRCB, for its NATURAL HEROES national public television series, co-produced with Greentreks Networks.

8/25/04    EMF begins offering consulting services to The Sea Turtle Restoration Project, for their educational outreach efforts and campaign to outlaw long line fishing practices.

8/15/04    EMF offers technical assistance to Thomas Lucas Productions and the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, for their upcoming digital special planetarium show, SPHERE OF LIFE. Lucas Productions and DMNS are working in partnership with NASA, the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications - University of Illinois.

8/6/04      EMF's proposal for The Last Stand: Heroes at Ballona Wetlands receives full funding.

7/19/04   The noted law firm of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati offers pro bono support as legal representatives of Environmental Media Fund with partners and associates, Mark Parnes, Cathrine Kirkland, Whit Bissell and Margie To acting as our legal team.

6/15/04   EMF provides consulting services to writer / director Naomi Sodetani for her CPB funded documentary on the environmental impacts of golf course development around the world, Collision Course.

5/8/04     EMF begins its funding campaign for Habitat Media's Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture Teaching Pack proposal.

5/2/04     EMF begins its funding campaign for producer Sheila Laffey's wetlands documentary and public television presentation of The Last Stand: Heroes at Ballona Wetlands.

1/1/04     EMF provides consulting services and story development assistance to Olin Associates for their new documentary on weltlands preservation and restoration, Blue Lagoon. 


10/15/03   EMF begins its funding assistance campaign for Habitat Media's PBS documentary special on sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, Farming the Seas.

10/1/03   EMF receives its IRS 501(c)(3) designation.

6/1/03     EMF begins providing consulting services to the Marin Environmental Film Festival for 2004 and 2005.

5/10/03    Noted law firm Silk, Adler & Colvin provides pro bono legal services to assist EMF in obtaining its 501(c)(3) designation.

3/7/03     EMF files its Articles of Incorporation.

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