Tag Line or Slogan
Mission Statement: Statement of the goals, outcomes and public benefits of the project.

Project Overview & Summary: A synopsis / summary of the project / story, background information, type of program / project, topic, audiences served, demographics groups served, locations served.

Time Frame: Indicate phasing or multi-year if appropriate.

Assistance Requested: Type of funding or assistance, "in-kind" amounts, amounts in hand and needed.

Need For The Project: Answers the question: Why do this project?

Endorsements for The Project: Names of any other entities endorsing your proposal.

Project Goals & Objectives: The charitable, educational or scientific issues being addressed.

Methods of Achieving Goals & Objectives: Work plan, outreach and distribution methods, collaborators, etc.

Projected Outcomes: Tangible deliverables and general public benefits of the proposal.

Methods of Evaluating Outcomes:  Quantitative and qualitative methods to be used.

Major Funding & Support:
        Major Funders to date
        Matching or Challenges Grants in place
        Total value of "in-kind" support.

Financial Information on Your Organization: Organization financials.

Key Personnel: Bio and background information on producers, partners, etc..

Information Attachments:
        Proposal Budget Breakdown (donated and actual costs)
        Project Treatment or Script
        Copy of IRS nonprofit determination letter or proof of fiscal sponsorship
        Most recent 990 tax return
        Photo images
        Video / DVD
        Any other explanatory information: PDFs, Powerpoint, etc.

Disclaimers:  State any conflicts of interest or other project completion disclaimers.

Contact Information: Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, web site, etc.
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