"I really appreciate your directness and your perspective on what makes good cinema. To be honest, it's a breath of fresh air."

   Ben Henretig
   Founder & Creative Director

"Where did Bob learn this stuff? He is akin to a fountain of sage advice and a bottomless well of connections. It is clearly Bob Silvestri's passion (and EMF's) to help the filmmakers of this world make the right decisions and as a result, make it - and the good Lord knows we need more like him.  He manages to be a true pioneer and a true averter of risk at the same time. And best of all? You can trust him."

   Caroline Harrison
   Producer / Director / Principal
   Red Hot Green China - China & the US in the 21st Century
   The Hive Studios

"Environmental Media Fund arranged a distribution grant at a critical stage in our project, and it made a big difference. They leave the drama for the films and know how to just roll up their sleeves and make things happen."

    Frank Green
    Green TV

"The exemplary manner with which EMF accounts for the concerns of funders as well as the needs of filmmakers makes working with them a pleasure."

    Samantha Campbell
    The Campbell Foundation

"As an advisor, EMF is innovative, responsive and has had a major impact on our ability as a festival, to reflect trends and relevancy for the film and television industry. EMF has redefined the meaning of the advisory role, 24/7."

    Janet Rose
    Executive Director / Festival Director
    International Wildlife Film Center
    International Wildlife Film Festival & Montana CINE International

"Bob Silvestri has been a very successful partner in our endeavors (the Natural Heroes PBS series). EMF clearly has excellent relations with potential funders and a keen sense of which funders to approach for which projects."

    Nancy Dobbs
    KRCB Television

"Environmental Media Fund fills a crucial gap in the media production cycle. Bob Silvestri is a "build a better mousetrap" kind of guy - always looking for fresh approaches and finding different possibilities and opportunities. And we are the very fortunate recipients of EMF's assistance."

    Steve Cowan
    Habitat Media, Inc.

"Bob Silvestri and Environmental Media Fund have become true partners in our quest to promote sustainability in food service. Not only has EMF brought relevant projects to our attention, Bob has become a sounding board and trusted advisor." 

    Maisie Ganzler
    Director of Communications
    Bon Appetit Management Company

"The EMF seal of approval has great value. They get results through their relationships with a variety of private and corporate foundations. We feel working with them strengthens our chances of finding new partners and funding sources." 

    Ryan Britton
    Executive Director
    Earth & Sky

"I cannot recommend Environmental Media Fund more strongly. At every step of the way I found them to be thorough and precise, superb at follow up, expansive in their thinking, and most importantly a caring and sensitive partner in our efforts."

    Sheila Laffey, Ph.D.
    Adjunct Professor of Film
    Santa Monica College

"You kept pushing the story for grabbing the audience by the lapels and not let go.  Your having wrangled with me on the direction and fate of this film has made me imagine more for it."

   Joe De Francesco
   Director / Editor / Principal
   Silk Purse Productions

"You saved my creative life."

    JW Winslow
    Fresh Art

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