(for projects grants, technical assistance or fiscal sponsorship)

Environmental Media Fund, Inc. actively seeks out and supports:  
  • Projects that reach the widest possible audience and are applicable or transferable to the greatest number of alternative distribution formats with an emphasis on emerging digital, Internet and interactive technologies;
  • Projects that further our understanding of the complexity and interrelated nature of environmental, cultural, economic, human health and social justice issues, and communicate facts and information in an unbiased, carefully weighed and thoroughly scientific manner;
  • Projects that represent diverse and independent voices that might otherwise go unheard;
  • Projects that can have immediate impact on personal choices and consumer behavior, and inspire individuals to actively participate in solutions:
  • Opportunities that will produce the greatest tangible benefits, and assist participants and stakeholders to leverage expertise and assets;
  • Collaborative project models to ensure that outreach partners are in place prior to commencement;
  • Projects that are produced and executed in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards;
  • Projects that tell important stories and present ideas in the most compelling and entertaining way.
  • Projects must typically be for "non-commercial" purposes, defined as being charitable, educational or scientific in nature;

Project grants cannot be used for:  

  • Projects or portions of projects that are strictly for commercial / profit making purposes, except for program related investment opportunities;
  • Dramatic adaptations of fictional literary works;
  • Projects that satisfy requirements for educational degrees or formal professional training;
  • General operations, renovation, restoration, rehabilitation, equipment purchases, or construction of production facilities;
  • Projects designed to persuade audiences of a particular political, philosophical, religious, or ideological point of view;
  • Projects that advocate a particular social or political action within the meaning of the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

PLEASE also see our "OVERVIEW" section for general interest guidelines.

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